#HACK2021 is going to look a little different this year.


Indigitous is providing two different tracks for participants to experience #HACK 2021. Whether you choose to join our solutioning journey, or get your first-hand experience in engaging in a digital mission, both paths will converge in one goal – to advance God’s kingdom in the digital space.



Our usual #HACK format, you’ll form teams and work with challenge owners on a digital solution for an issue they are trying to resolve. You do not need to have a tech background, nor need to code. Your solution can take the form of a social media campaign for outreach or utilising existing tools to help with more technical requirements. The long-term goal is to develop and deploy the solution in the context of the challenge.

How can we deliver the best e-learning experiences to students residing in refugee camps?

A challenge by Germaine Tay, MarHabTech


Perhaps a Raspberry Pi filled with large educational content files (e.g. videos), delivering them to offshore refugee camps? Or a captive portal offering free Wifi for students adopting to get exposed to good-values media and content.

How can we use technology and data to support urban and rural outreach efforts in the field?

A challenge by Sam Lim, OMF International


How can we, through data collection and analytics, map out and keep track of collaborative Gospel engagement efforts in Northern Thai communities through the relationships built from ministries, prayer walks, village surveys and urban-rural connections? 


How can we encourage the Church to share and use digital resources to empower their missions strategy?

A challenge by Carmen, CEFC E-Missions Team


How can digital resources (bible studies, devotionals, courses, digital media, digital assets, case studies, media plans etc) be made discoverable, and shared securely for organizations and missionaries in the field, so that the Church can better support work in the digital space in the next 10 years?

How can we support missional organisations in their pivot to digital?

A challenge by Yong Hong, OMF Singapore


How can effective digital communications strategies and social media channels be used to mobilize supporters for missions? Could a Web and Mobile integration direct interested supporters from cold touch-points to hot ones?



Remember when mission trips used to be a thing? These trips exposed us to what God is doing beyond our shores and also provided extra seasonal support for those in the mission field. Physical mission trips may be cancelled for now, but the doors for more creative and deeply impactful digital ones are wide open!

Experience a mission trip in a hybrid model (physically with local participants in line with Safe Management Measures (SMM), and digitally with the foreign beneficiaries). This could be an exchange activity (Singapore Tour) where they can befriend and find opportunities to share the Gospel.


Mission Trip with YFC

Befriend Bengali pre-believers in an online virtual tour and exchange program designed to share Christmas and the good news of Jesus’ coming. The team will prepare a training session to encourage Christian youths participating in the digital how to share their faith digitally.

The team will also organize the evangelistic event through virtual platforms (e.g., Zoom sessions to engage Bengali pre-believing youths on a Singapore virtual experience of Singapore’s culture and Christmas celebration).

Mission Trip with RED Project

Befriend Thai pre-believers through an online English language program and find opportunities to expose them to the Christian faith and share the gospel with them. Training will be provided on the conduct of the English language program as well as how to share the gospel digitally. 

 Behind every screen is a person, and that person is in need of the Gospel. May our hearts be open to see what God sees.