Now those who had been scattered by the persecution that broke out when Stephen was killed traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus and Antioch, spreading the word only among Jews. 

The Lord’s hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.

Acts 11:19, 21

Reggie Ng

Co-Organising Lead, #HACK 2021
Indigitous Singapore

Disruptions can be uncomfortable.

Disruptions are often not welcomed because people can be creatures of habit and prefer to remain in their comfort zones. However, through the annals of history, disruptions have proven essential for the advancement of human civilization, including technological revolutions. Can these disruptions be opportunities to advance God’s kingdom too?

In the book of Acts, the disciples of Christ faced a disruption. They had to dislodge themselves from the comforts of home in order to escape the persecution arising from the martyrdom of Stephen. Stephen was stoned to death because he stood up for his faith. Instead of cowering in fear, the disciples continued to preach the gospel wherever they fled. Despite the dim circumstances, God prevailed and because His hand was with the disciples, many others believed and turned to the Lord. Amazing!

God can use disruptions in our lives to move us to the places we need to be in. In the early church, the disciples overcame the persecution and remained faithful to spreading the gospel, and hence many people came to know the Lord. The impact of this diaspora movement is even evident today where we, the witnesses of Jesus living outside of Jerusalem, have come to hear the good news (Rom 10:13-15), and the gospel continues to reach the ends of the earth (Act 1:8).

Likewise, the Covid pandemic has significantly disrupted overseas missions. Many missionaries and tentmakers had to return abruptly to their own countries and re-strategize how they could engage in their mission causes in view of the travel restrictions. Business-As-Missions (BAM) had to rethink their approach to sustain their supply chains and businesses abroad.

We believe that this disruption can be a golden opportunity for us to share the gospel and reach the lost in new places and in new ways. We invite you, as fellow witnesses of the gospel, to partner with us in seeking the Lord and exploring how we can creatively employ technology and digital media to aid the Church, mission organizations, tentmakers and other missional agents to advance the gospel, in new places and in new ways, for the salvation of Man! Entrusting our work in the Lord’s hand, may the outcome be that “…a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord”.

There will be two tracks to choose from this year. If you would like to find/build a solution for a missional challenge, pick Track 1 – Solution Building Track. If you would like to experience digital missions and directly minister or engage a people group in a mission field, pick Track 2 – Digital Mission Trip/Experience Track.

Friend, you are empowered to be Christ’s witnesses to the ends of the earth now. Are you ready to be moved by God? Register here to use your gifts in #HACK2021.

– Reggie

This Year’s Theme

Moment to movement

#HACK2021 is going to look a little different this year.

If you’re a problem solver and would like to work on a solution for a challenge owner, Track 1 is for you. If you would like to go on a missions trip (digitally) or engage a people group directly, go with Track 2. 

Track 1: Solution-Building

Our usual #HACK format, you’ll form teams and work with challenge owners on a digital solution for an issue they are trying to resolve. You do not need to have a tech background, nor need to code. Your solution can take the form of a social media campaign for outreach or utilising tools to help with more technical. requirements The long-term goal is to develop and deploy the solution in the context of the challenge, what we’d like to see is a well-thought out solution. 


Track 2: Mission Experience

Remember when mission trips used to be a thing? These trips exposed us to what God is doing beyond our shores and also provided extra seasonal support for those in the mission field. Physical mission trips may be cancelled for now, but the doors for more creative and deeply impactful digital ones are wide open!

Experience a mission trip in a hybrid model (physically with local participants in line with Safe Management Measures (SMM), and digitally with the foreign beneficiaries). This could be an exchange activity (Singapore Tour) where they can befriend and find opportunities to share the gospel.

 Behind every screen is a person, and that person is in need of the Gospel. May our hearts be open to see what God sees.