We believe that to each one of us, God has given us the eyes and the compassion to see groups of people that need to hear the gospel. The Holy Spirit has already gone ahead to prepare their hearts to hear the gospel, and we the Church, needs to act in obedience in this divine partnership.

At the heart of this year’s Indigitous #HACK2020, is us living out this obedience in the digital space.

Is there a group of people that you feel deeply for?

Perhaps youths, single parents, adults facing challenges at work, or other groups of people?


In Inspirations Evening, you’ll get to meet fellow Christians that have compassion for the same group of people as yourself. Come pray, share experiences, stories and your heart for this people group, and ideate digital ideas to help or reach them. You could even form a team for #HACK from those in your break-out session.

This is a facilitated session to help visitors and #HACK participants discover the different people groups you feel a burden for, find like-minded people, and have conversations on the needs of these people groups. 



8pm Welcome
8.10pm Submit “Topics” (Your People Group), and Voting by All
8.30pm Break-Out into Topic Sessions
9pm Reconvene and Share Learning Points
9.20pm Closing and Next Steps
9.40pm Open Networking

Due to the nature of Unconference format and how topics are selected by participants, your topic may not be one of the final selected ones to be hosted in a break-out room.

Inspirations evening

10 October 2020
Zoom Meet-up / Open to Visitors