Advancing God’s Kingdom in the Digital Space

Indigitous Singapore is a volunteer-led, globally-connected community of Christ followers who desire to use our talents for God in the digital space. 

Our mission is to raise and support digital missional projects, through a connected and collaborative community.

3 Aspects of Indigitous

Open Community

Anyone can join the Indigitous community and engage and encourage each other in ideas and conversations.

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Digital Missional Projects

We support project teams working on realising ideas that impact, directly or indirectly, missional work in the Kingdom.

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We partner with other Christian organisations and Indigitous hubs in other cities, and pool together our talents. 

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 Each of us has been blessed with God-given talents, in the spheres of design, tech or business. In the marketplace, our skills are used in the service of our companies or its customers. In Indigitous, we use them to create for God.

As screens invade our lives and people are born as digital natives – what new challenges will our future generations face? What can technology do for missions and the global church?

A Community of Digital Natives

The people in our midst hail from a diversity of backgrounds.

Designers & Creatives

Designers, illustrators and other visual artists. 

Coders & Techies

The software engineers that turn ideas into products.

Strategists & Innovators

The people who cast visions and challenges the status quo.

Marketing & Media People

Mass communication folks, dabbling in social platforms, videos, and audio.

You are Indigitous, too.

If you share our hearts for advancing God’s Kingdom in the digital space,
join our meet-ups and get to meet other believers who share the heart as you. 


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We are Part of a Global Community

Indigitous is found in over 70 cities, from Bangkok to Orlando – all sharing a common mission. Each city is run by a local team. Visit our global site to find out more.


In our journey we have been blessed in love by many. Thank you for believing in what God is doing through us!

A Refined Catering Experience

Total Print Media Company

Co-Labouring Space for Digital Missional Teams

 AI and Data Platform Company

Ronald JJ Wong, Director, Convenant Chambers LLC

Every tongue, every tribe, every touch-screen.

As disciples of Jesus, let’s come together and reclaim the digital space for His glory.

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