#SPARK: Behind the Scenes: Responding to Souls Online at COH
#SPARK: Behind the Scenes: Responding to Souls Online at COH
While hundreds of thousands were attending the COH rally at the National Stadium in May this year, thousands more were tuning in online.

For seeking souls, God prepared an eighty-strong group of online responders to empathise, engage, and to share the Gospel – all over Facebook messenger.

Working in partnership with the digital team behind Celebration of Hope, the online responders tirelessly held conversations with these seekers over the three days.

In an informal evening panel discussion and fellowship, let’s hear more from Simon and Russ, the project leads behind this initiative.

  • What is the heart behind this digital mission?
  • What strategies were deployed to actualise the impact?
  • What were the challenges faced and how were they overcome?
  • What were some stories witnessed during this mission?

Introducing #SPARK

#SPARK is part of a series of monthly community events by Indigitous Singapore.

We hope to provide a platform to share stories of Kingdom innovation, Godly leadership and missional work in the digital space by God’s people. In doing so, connecting people and inspiring them. Anyone is welcomed!


7.30pm – Prayers, Welcome and Introduction

7.45pm – Glimpses from Celebration of Hope

8.00pm – Panel Sharing & Discussion

9.15pm – Refreshments and Fellowship

9.30pm – Meet-Up Closing

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